Welcome to Natural Smile eastMED Dental (St Heliers)


Here at Natural Smile we believe in minimally invasive dentistry and aim to provide the most precise and pain free dentistry possible.



Eastmed Dental was one of the oldest and renowned Dental clinics located in St Heliers.  Eastmed Dental was built with the support of over 10,000 patients who visited over the last 12 years.

In May 2017 Dr Dave Richards bought Eastmed Dental and we are currently in the process of realising his vision Natural Smile eastMED Dental – a clinic that provides precise, minimally invasive and pain free dentistry.  Please feel free to come by at any time for an introduction and cup of tea we would love to see you.



Dr. Dave Richards is an ex British Paratrooper who left the British Army and completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science 2004, and was then accepted into Otago University where he completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

He has been practicing minimally invasive dentistry for almost 5 years and bases his philosophy around Biomimetic Dentistry with the aid of CAD/CAM dentistry, and has a particular passion for crowns, pain-free root canals and implants .

Looking for a Dentist in St Heliers?


What do you fear most about going to the Dentist?

Getting ripped off, right?  You’ve searched Dentist St Heliers, found Natural Smile eastMED Dental, and you’re asking … will this guy have me paying for treatments that I don’t really need?



Our amazing 3D imagery, means you can now see, for yourself, exactly what is going on with your teeth, and TOGETHER we’ll decide what is best.  Some dental procedures can wait, without risking a larger cost in the future.  Some can’t.  But at least you will see exactly why, and you’ll know 100% that it’s the right decision for you, and not our bank account.


Plus if you DO need something done now, our technology gives you 3 main benefits …


Faster. Only 1 visit needed. Dentists using older techniques often require more visits.  Time off work and travel adds to your costs, plus the added hassle and disruption to your busy life of each extra visit.

Looks better, fits better, and lasts longer. The restoration is more accurate due to the precision of the 3D technology. There is less chance of needing repairs, alterations, adjustments and modifications in the future.  This means more comfort, less appointments and lower costs in the future.

Safer. We reduce your exposure to mercury, by avoiding metal amalgam. CAD/CAM uses sculpted porcelain, which is closer to what your natural tooth is made of, than we’ve ever been.


Here’s how it works …
Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers all designed, and made, right here in front of your eyes, not by a lab technician who has never met you.

Step 1:  The 3D technology takes super precise images of your teeth and gums.

Step 2:  We design your restoration with you watching the screen, you’ll be amazed.  You see everything before we proceed.

Step 3:  Your design is sent to the sculpting and milling machine which creates your restoration instantly.

Step 4:  We restore your smile right there, and … you’re done.


You care more about what our patients say than us.  Here is what they are saying …

Jeff Ready

Dave is awesome and although I was a bit afraid at first of possible pain and cost of fixing my tooth ache, I loved the idea of watching everything happen.  It’s quite awesome seeing it all done, my crown being made in the clinic in real time.  It just made me feel safe, nothing it hidden, it can’t be.  Well done Dave.

Theresa Milling

I’ve been seeing Dave a while, and I wouldn;t go anywhere else.  I come all the way from Pukekohe where Dave used to be