Dental Services at Natural Smile EastMed Dental – St Heliers

At Natural Smile eastMED Dental we believe in minimally invasive dentistry and aim to provide the most precise and pain free experience possible.   With a depth of knowledge in the material science of dental technology and by understanding the latest advances we aim to provide longer lasting treatments that have better outcomes for you.   The technologies we use are carefully selected right down to the type of local anaesthetic.  From preventative treatments like a fissure sealant used to prevent fillings to complex treatments such as crowns and root canal therapy.   For more information on the technology available at Natural Smile eastMED Dental please click here.


    The best thing is to keep your natural teeth forever.  Through good oral hygiene habits, regular dental visits and modern prevention methods it is possible to keep from choosing whether to remove or repair a tooth.  However, sometimes throughout life due to accidents, dental decay or gum disease this is unavoidable.   Replacing natural teeth is never easy however, there are options to fill the gaps: