Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction


Cerec has given us the ability to provide you with ceramic restorations (Crowns) all within one visit. The most efficient work flow for us also has great benefits for you. There is no need for mouthfuls of impression trays, no temporary crowns which you can’t eat on for a week or two and only one injection.




The appointment is approximately one and a half hours start to finish.


Step 1: Scan
Instead of taking a base line impression you will only have a to have some scans of your mouth taken with the CEREC Omnicam which is the size of an electric toothbrush. The CEREC Omnicam takes pictures and builds a precise 3D image.

Step 2: Preparation
We will numb the tooth and nearby area we are working on for your comfort. We then remove the existing filling and engineer your tooth to make room for the new restoration.

Step 3: Design
You now get a break from the dental chair. We will analyse the complete scan, and the CEREC software generates restoration proposals. We then digitally simulate a 3D image of your new restoration using the pre and post scans as a guide.

Step 4: Produce
The CEREC grinding and milling unit cuts your new restoration (outside of your mouth) to the specifications of the 3D image simulated on the CEREC software.

Step 5: Glaze
Depending on the particular type of Ceramic the dentist has selected to use for your restoration and the colours of the other teeth in your mouth we may decide to make minor adjustments to your restoration with Ceramic paints. Again this step is completed outside of your mouth. To set the paint the restoration is placed in the CEREC Speedfire which fires the restoration and sets the paint.

Step 6: Cement
The restoration is now ready to be cemented into your mouth.



Cerec - Scan